The Series


Parkade And Gunshots

Meet David and Alexine.
How they met, became friends, romanced, and reacted to major events.
Audiobook in preparation. Estimated date: May 1st, 2024


Poker and Yacht

We're archeologists on this one.
Let's dig up some dirt.
Let's investigate Alexine's past.
Any dead bodies?

Soccer and Scotch

Napoleon's technique:
To enhance the surprise, add a trap."
Think you know the bad guys? Think again!

Caviar and Schemes

Have you noticed a pattern yet?
When you see the pattern in all books, let me know.
In this one, we really get into David's family secret.

Chaos and Castle

Two intriguing characters are on the way!
One of them might be the villain in the story!
Keep reading!

Eclipse and Thunder

More progress on the intrigue.
Could their lives be more closely connected in more ways than one?
Getting closer to solving the mystery!

Party and Pact

What horrible pacts have the protagonists agreed to? Are those pacts successful alliances? Will they survive the test of time? Or are they just about to explode and lead to more instability?
Tunnels and Twists

This is the season's grand finale. All mysteries are solved with some hints of what's to come in
season two.